IHD and families to file complaint on chemical weapons

Allegations about use of chemical weapons grew stronger following the Prosecution Office’s autopsy report

IHD (Human Rights Association) Diyarbakır Branch and guerrilla families will file a criminal complaint against those responsible for the alleged use of chemical weapons in Kazan Valley where 37 militants of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) lost their lives on October 22.

Allegations about use of chemical weapons grew stronger following the Prosecution Office’s autopsy report which wrote about symptoms of chemical gas on bodies.

Four more families filed a complaint on Thursday.

The number of applicant families of the People Defence Forces (HPG) members who lost their life rose to 11 with the latest application to the Public Prosecutor of Hakkari.

The Human Rights Association (İHD) Hakkari Branch also assisted families during the process.

In the Valley, there were 24 bodies torn a part beyond recognition who were initially delivered to their families by soldiers and then 12 more bodies and part of the bodies were found by families’ attempt.

Seeing the bodies, families raised the question about the use of chemical weapons and applied authorities, local NGOs and international NGOs as well.

The Turkish armed forces have denied any use of chemical weapons in an official statement released on Thursday.

Recently, an American expert, Dr. Robert M. Gould arrived in Turkey and visited the İHD Diyarbakır Branch to obtain information about the allegations. Finding the allegation plausible, Gould stated that he and his team will deepen the search into the allegations.

However, some bodies of HPG members are being delivered to their families, others are waiting for process.

On Thursday families of 6 Kurdish guerrillas went to Malatya to take the bodies of their beloved for burying while another one, Sevcan Algünerhan’s body made his way, not without problems, to Sîmsor Village in Bingöl for funeral.

There are speculations that more bodies of HPG members are to come. According to allegation, two more bodies were delivered to the Şemdinli State Hospital in Hakkari.


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