Van councillor wounded by tear gas has died
Yıldırım Ayhan was hit by a tear gas in the chest at the peace demonstration in Çukurca

Yıldırım Ayhan was a BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) councillor in Van.

He died today, after being hit by a tear gas thrown by soldiers. Ayhan together with hundreds of others was demonstrating for peace.

He had joined the human shields protest in Çukurca, in the province of Hakkari.

The army attacked the crowd viciously.

The photo of councillor Ayhan, wounded on the ground says it all. It says of the brutality of war. But it says also of the brutality of those who do not want to listen to the cry for peace.

The soldiers who thrown the tear gas into the peace protesters are guilty of killing councillor Ayhan.

Deliberately they have chosen to respond with violence to the unarmed people’s demand for peace. But those in command are even guiltier, assuming there is (and there is not) a different measuring rate when speaking about violence.

Those in command are the army generals and the government.

The AKP government of prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is guilty of killing a man, a democratically elected representative of the people, who had dared asking for peace.

How much more violence before the international community rises its voice?

Or, is it going to do it?


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