Turkish air assaults kill seven civilians

Turkish warplanes have targeted a civilian vehicle, killing seven people including one woman and four childs.

KANDIL – Turkey’s air strikes have once more targeted civilians during the air assaults on Kandil. As a result of the bombing of a civilian vehicle, six people including two women and childs have been reported dead.

According to information received, the warplanes bombing the region targeted on Kurtekê way a vehicle of civilians who were escaping from the bombardment in their village.

While one of the two children was yet not even a year-old, the bodies were reportedly dismembered due to the explosion. Among the casualties, the names of two were reported as Imam Hussein and Omar Bazid.

Warplanes are continuing to bomb Benê and Muslok regions.

Meanwhile, warplanes are reportedly flying over Zap region which has been bombed this morning besides Metina and Gare regions.

The names of the casualities have been determined as follows;

Hasan Mustafa Hasan (Father)

Mer Haci Mam (Mother)

Rezan Hüseyin Mustafa (34)

Oskar Hüseyin (10)

Sonya Şemal Hasan (4)

Solin Şemal Hasan (6-months)

Zana Hüseyin Mustafa (11)


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