Police attacked demonstration in Diyarbakir

Ten people detained following clashes at demonstration in Diyarbakir

Thousands gathered in front of the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) office in Diyarbakir earlier this evening to protest against the Iranian aggression on the border. Clashes erupted when police attacked the crowd after some youngsters had thrown stones.

Ten people have been detained following the clashes. The police searched the streets near by the area of the demonstration.

The meeting had been called at 6pm. The crowd could only walk up to Bayındırlık Caddesi, a street a few hundred meters away from the BDP building and was stopped by the police. Hundreds of antiriot heavily armed policemen had blocked the road deniying permission to the crowd to march through.

The people started a sit in chanting slogans against the Turkish army ongoing operations as well as the Iranian operation into the Kurdistan Federal Region.

Police was ready to attack the crowd, and when they put on the gas masks it was clear that they would do so. Indeed a couple of stones thrown were enough for the beginning of a vicious and violent attack. People started to run back while the ambulances‘ sirens began to be heard.

On a side road a police car was hit by a stone and a policemen immediately got outside and without a single thought fired a live bullet into the air.


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