Videos from 29 June / Greek Streets

Riot police club unarmed demonstration in the head. The demonstration is shouting “get out of the square” and “don’t hit me”.

Επίθεση με χημικά στο Ιατρείο της Πλατείας (ΕΞΑΝΤΑΣ) from Yorgos Avgeropoulos on Vimeo.

Police chemicals in Syntagma.

A DIY medical centre was formed in the Syntagma metro-station; several hundred of people had fled in the station during the police attack. In this video the crowd is opening up for two injured demonstrators who are in urgent need of further treatment to be transferred to the hospital. They were taken there by metro (!) as police prevented the ambulances from approaching the square. The people in the orange colour vests are workers in the Athens metro; the crowd claps and chants ‘Cops, Pigs Murderers!’

DIAS cops attack people and damage a restaurant in Athens, Monastiraki

Κουκουλοφόροι και αστυνομικοί στο Σύνταγμα von News247

Riot police collaborates with masked up thugs (revealed to be nazi trade unionists at the bus drivers’ union).

Syntagma: the metro station and the square.

Syntagma: In front of the parliament.

From the Greek Streets

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