The Soul of a Dead City

The other day I was walking with my friend A in the market area, beside checking our bets on the Football games that we had made the day before and how to get the hell out of the country as soon as we could, for some reason as we approached Bardarky Sara square the talk changed into politic, something we rarely talk about nowadays, he wanted to sit on the square, the place in which for more than three month the people protested. I did not want to get near the square, it had left such nostalgic memory on me. Although I pass by the square daily, I rarely even try to raise my head to take a look at it, I hate the place, it bring back nothing but disappointing and sad memories. He started talking about the not so long ago past memory of the protest in Sulaimani, he wanted to know the reason why it stopped all of the sudden and whatever happen to all the Protesters. If memory to recall, here is what we talked about:

A: How many game did you guess right of the Euro 2012 qualification match?
ME: I got 4, for the exception of Belarus, still can’t believe they lost to Faro Island.
A: I got that one wrong too. I went for a tie. What are you betting on for tomorrow?
ME: I’ll go for Holland Win Win and Draw Win and Win Win and Score First, unless Uruguay Win or the game is a tie, I will win something.
A: I’ll got with a tie…….Look at that poor kid, selling cigarettes. Can children sell cigarettes in America?
ME: I have never seen one while I was there, but I have seen it in classic films, the ones about the Great Depression, children used to work back then.
A: But not now?
ME: I don’t know, maybe some still do. America is a big country, anything is possible.
A: There can’t be any place worse than Iraq for children.
ME: Maybe.
A: When you are going back to America?
ME: Soon.
A: Are you gonna come back?
ME: Not sure.
A: Is there anyway for me to get to America legally?
ME: Legally. I’m not sure. If you have some relative there, they could take you.
A: I don’t have anybody there.
ME: Unless you marry an American, then she could take you there, there is no way you could get there legally other than that. There is always the illegal way.
A: How?
ME: I knew a guy who got all the way from Iran to Texas by hiding in a ship, it took him some month to get there.
A: I don’t think I could do that.
ME: Why do you want to get to America?
A: Anyplace is better than this god forbidden country.
ME: I hear you on that.

We got to Bardaraky Sara. He wanted to sit for a while.

A: Sarai Azadi, what a joke it was. Let us sit.
ME: Not me, I hate the place.
A: Why?
ME: I don’t know, I just hate the place.
A: Well I don’t hate the place, I just feel sad when I see it. All those big shots used to make speeches and promises, where are they now?
ME: Don’t know, maybe they are with the opposition meeting the Government and asking for more cash.
A: And the people?
ME: What about the people?
A: Where are all the Protesters?
ME: They are all home, pissed more than ever, but this time if an atomic bomb were to drop, they wouldn’t care less.
A: The square was alive then, now it is a soul of dead city and with it 11 died and hundreds wounded, all for what?
ME: All for the sake of the opposition to meet the Government without any condition in order to ask for some handout and a share of the pie. I don’t know who said it but the saying goes like this “In time of war the first victim is the truth”, that goes for politic also.
A: They fooled us all. Whatever happened to all the pictures you took?
ME: They are all in the computer.
A: Are you gonna upload it on Facebook?
ME: Maybe, or maybe on my Blog.

It was my Blog that got the final approval. Here are a few of many pictures that I took of Bardarky Sara at a time that is now but a forgotten dream.

The Moving Silent

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