More mass graves located
Graves of nine guerrillas located

Two guerrillas who lost their life in battle in 1992 were buried together in one grave by Yayladere Municipality, which followed instructions by soldiers. The bodies of seven guerrillas who lost their lives in a clash in 1996 were thrown in a water well in Kılpî village of Savur. The bodies weren‘t given to families who weren‘t either notified about the incident.

An eyewitness, who was living in Yayladere district of Bingöl at the time of the incident, told that two Kurdish guerrillas, who lost their lives in a clash in 1992, were brought to Yayladere district.

Stating that the bodies of guerrillas were not given to families and they were buried at Yayladere public cemetery within the knowledge and supervision of Yayladere mayor, the eyewitness said the followings;

„The commander who ordered the burial in this way gave justification to the district residents that the guerrillas are from Syria, not Turkey. While the burial procedures were carried out by the municipality, soldiers ordered a single grave for two guerrillas. The term’s mayor of Yayladere was Hasan Albayrak at that time and the two bodies were buried in one single grave by municipal workers who know much about the case.“


Another eyewitness who did not want to give his name told that seven guerrillas who lost their lives in an operation in Savur district of Mardin in 1996 were thrown in a water well in Asuri village of the district. The eyewitness said the followings about the event;

„Many soldiers and guerrillas lost their lives in this operation conducted against guerrillas. The bodies of seven guerrillas, including those responsible, were thrown in a water well in Asuri Kulpi village close to Savur. I do not know the full names and identities of the guerrillas but the people living in the region are quite familiar with the incident.“


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