Ten thousand people marched to Bitlis

People marched to Bitlis where allegedly 28 PKK guerrillas have been buried in a mass grave

Over ten thousand people marched to the mass grave in Hizan/Bitlis where allegedly 28 Kurdish guerrillas have been buried. The march was called by the Human Rights Association adn MEYA-DER as a response to the outrageous decision by the government to build a road on the spot of the mass grave.

Early this morning a convoy of hundreds of cars gathered in Yolalan Town and started off to Hizan for the march organized by MEYA-DER and IHD.

Human Rights Association and MEYA-DER decided to do something about the decision to ignore the existence of a mass grave by the government. Road works had actually began and from the site of the mass grave human skulls and bones had come to the surface.

The convoy of hundreds of cars had left from Bitlis, Van, Mus and Siirt for the march which will be made to draw attention to the demolition of mass graves. Thousands of people, including DTK Co-Chair and Labor, Democracy and Freedom Block’s Van Candidate Aysel Tugluk, Siirt Candidate Gültan Kışanak, Mus Candidate Sırrı Sakık, Bitlis Candidate Hüsamettin Zenderlioglu, BDP Bitlis MP Nezir Karabaş, BDP PM members Hasan Güven, Nasır Aras, Halis Ernariçi, Mus and Bitlis district and provincial mayors, members of provincial general council and aldermen, KESK components, DÖKH, Peace Mothers Initiative, Genel-İş, KURDÎ-DER, Bitlis Eren University Student Association (DOBER), DIVES Tatvan Branch managers and BDP Bitlis district and provincial executives, departed to Hizan for the march.

Following a press release in Hizan, the convoy had marched to the mass grave where the 28 PKK guerrillas had allegedly been buried. (B.O)

The decision to build a road on the site of the alleged mass grave is clearly a confirmation of the fact that the Turkish state wants to avoid the revelation of the atrocities committed and to evade the exhumation of the mass graves. All the sites where the bodies of Kurdish guerrillas are believed to have been buried are being covered by stones and debris and road works are started.

Hassan Ceylan, from IHD in Bitlis, stated that the destruction of this mass grave is a blatant violation of human honour.

Mr. Ceylan stated that although they had previously informed the public prosecutor about the existence of the mass grave, authorities have never done anything to excavate it.


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