An in depth analysis on the new armed republicans groups in the North of Ireland

A group of former Provisional IRA members have declared that they will

continue the armed struggle until a united Ireland is achieved.

In what may be the formation of a new breakaway IRA group, a Belfast

newspaper was told that IRA units had watched as the peace process

failed to deliver, but they had now taken on the mantle of the IRA.

„The will of Irish republicans to resist the forced occupation and

partitioning of our country has not been defeated,“ they said.

„Irish republicans have continued to organise against the British

presence in our country. We continue to do so under the name of the

Irish Republican Army. We are the IRA.“

The Belfast Telegraph said it had seen a statement at a meeting with a

representative of the new organisation’s chief of staff. Sentences and

paragraphs from the alleged statement have since emerged in newspaper


The claims came as a series of attacks, alerts, raids and arrests

intensified across the North. In the most serious incident, a PSNI

police unit narrowly avoided triggering a trip-wire attached to an

improvised explosive device in south Belfast early on Tuesday.

It was reported the new organisation is entirely separate from the other

breakaway groups – the ‚Real IRA‘, Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH), and the

Continuity IRA. However, the group was said to be „committed to working

with other republicans“.

It claimed „the recent execution of the RUC member in Omagh“, a

reference to the limpet-mine attack which killed PSNI (formerly RUC)

police recruit Ronan Kerr three weeks ago.

It also claimed involvement in a similar attack which seriously injured

another PSNI man last year, as well as the bombing of the Policing Board

headquarters in Belfast 18 months ago. Both of these attacks have

previously been linked to the Oglaigh na hEireann group.

The new organisation said they were committed to more killings and

bombings and „bringing our struggle to a successful conclusion through

military operations.“

It had given the Good Friday Agreement an opportunity and had watched to

see if „a peaceful route toward independence and national liberation

would emerge“. Instead, republicans had experienced „scores of broken

promises“. The agreement had not ended British occupation nor created

„an Ireland of equals“ as Sinn Fein had promised.

They said „minimum reforms proposed by Patten“, including and the name

change for the police, had not altered policing.

The new grouping also claimed that not one security law enacted during

the conflict had been repealed and new, even tougher laws on stop and

search, and arrest and detention had been introduced.

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said the reports of the new group were

„bizarre“. Neither he nor Sinn Fein had any information about the


„What we can say with certainty is that they are not the IRA; the IRA is

history,“ he said.

He called on anyone with information about the group to pass it to the

PSNI or Garda police.


News of the group emerged in advance of the annual republican Easter

commemorations, although it was not clear if the two events were


A number of ‚dissident‘ commemorations have been held around the

country, but for the first time in decades, no IRA group appears to have

marked the anniversary with a statement to their supporters. Further

commemorations are due to be held on Easter Monday.

The Dublin government marked the event with a recitation of the

Proclamation of 1916 — a famous assertion of Irish sovereignty --

inducing cringes in the audience of government officials and members of

the public outside the GPO in Dublin.

At a Sinn Fein Easter commemoration on Sunday, the Six-County Deputy

First Minister Martin McGuinness denounced all dissident republican


Addressing the 1916 commemoration in County Derry, the North’s Deputy

First Minister said the „small factions“ currently engaging in armed

actions „are not the IRA and they are not advancing national and

democratic objectives by their activities.“

He insisted the Irish people had united behind the 1998 Good Friday

Agreement, supported the 2006 St Andrews Agreement as well as last

year’s Hillsborough Agreement.

He warned dissident republican groups: „Attempting to overturn the will

of the Irish people is not only futile, it is stupid and selfish.

„Ireland can now only be reunited by the further development and

outworking of the power sharing and all-Ireland institutions which were

endorsed by the Irish people in the referendum in 1998.

„No act of violence will advance the cause of reunification by one

millimetre. It is patently not possible to advance towards Irish

reunification by any means other than peaceful and democratic processes.

Those who believe that Ireland can be reunited without the support of

the Irish people are living in a fool’s paradise.“

Citing the signatories of the Proclamation 95 years ago, Mr McGuinness

said: „We are for the removal of partition, the end of British

jurisdiction in Ireland and the reunification of our nation and, in the

words of Padraic Pearse, the people are the nation.“

However, he backed the (Provisional) IRA’s campaign, praising those who

were involved in it.

„The IRA fought a long guerrilla war in these hills and in towns and

cities and villages across the North for over 30 years. The IRA forced

the British government to the negotiating table.“


The following is a list of the comments attributed to the new IRA group

which appeared in newspapers over the weekend.


* „As Irish republicans, we are engaged in bringing our struggle to a

successful conclusion through military operations such as the recent

execution of the RUC member in Omagh.“

* „We continue to (organise) under the name of the Irish Republican

Army. We are the IRA.“

* „Our reason for existing remains the same as it always has been under

British occupation. Wo have no desire to engage In war for war’s sake,

nor are we under any illusions about the strength of British military


* „Our armed actions directed against military targets will highlight

both nationally and internationally the injustice we face as a

consequence of the forced occupation of our country.“

* „To allow the travesty that is the Good Friday Agreement to continue

unchallenged is to inflict conflict on a future generation of Irish


* „The conflict for Irish freedom and self-determination will be

completed by this generation of Irish republicans. We will leave a

legacy of nation-building to future generations, not a legacy of

unfinished conflict.“

* „We are committed to working with republicans who share the same

analysis that Britain will not leave Ireland of its own volition.“

* „Britain is not now and never has been an honest broker. Rather [it]

is the source of our conflict.“


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