Funeral of İbrahim Oruç to take place today
İbrahim Oruç (18)

A big crowd accompanied eighteen-year-old İbrahim Oruç from Dicle University Medical School’s morgue in Diyarbakır to perform a funeral prayer before the boy was sent to his hometown in Bismil, a district of Diyarbakır.

Yeniköy Graveyard’s Mosque was the place for the prayer and then the young boy’s body will be sent to Bismil where Oruç was shot by police and lost his life.

A massive crowd, including Oruç’s school mates from Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı High School, is already waiting for funeral in Bismil.

The body will be buried today.

İbrahim Oruç was killed yesterday in Bismil by police bullets during the protest rally against the High Elections Board (YSK) decision to bar 12 independent candidates from 12 June elections.


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