One Kurdish guerilla killed in Mardin, Turkish media claims

According to the reports in Turkish media one Kurdish guerilla is killed and another wounded in a clash between Turkish army and the PKK in Mardin.

Local sources say a clash broke out Monday night near Dargecit, a district of Mardin province between Kurdish guerillas and Turkish army. The clash continued till dusk and at least one Kurdish guerilla was killed.

Another guerilla was reportedly captured by Turkish soldiers and taken to a military base near Gercus.

Armored military vehiclers are still deploying special forces near the scene of the clash.

Last week a Turkish soldier was killed by Kurdish guerillas in Dargecit city center.

Kurdistan Defense Forces (HPG) claimed responsibility for the attack today saying that it was a retaliate attack for killing of two guerillas by the Turkish army.

Kurdish guerrillas are in position of ceasefire which was declared by the PKK last August. But Turkish army continues its bombardment of suspected guerrilla positions and military operations against the Kurdish guerrillas.

Nearly 30 Kurdish guerrillas were killed as a result of Turkish military operations since August.


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