Si vous êtes à Paris …

The Third Kurdish Film Festival in Paris (Festival du Cinéma Kurde de Paris) opens today and will run through Tuesday, 07 December. The festival offers feature films, documentaries, and shorts produced between 2007-2010. The festival will also present the classic documentary from 1925 ‘Grass: A nation’s battle for life,’ which follows the migration of the Bakhtiari tribe of Persia across the Zagros Mountains in search of green pastures for their sheep and goats. Twice a year more than 50,000 people and half a million animals surmounted seemingly impossible obstacles, including torrential rivers and 15,000 foot high mountains. ‘Grass’ is considered one of the earliest ethnographic documentary films.

There will also be a concert and discussions about Kurdish cinema. Many directors will be on hand to talk about their films, including Roni Can Vesar, Bulent Gündüz, Kudret Güneş, Kazım Gündoğan, Ayten Mutlu Saray, Hiner Saleem, Selahattin Sural.

Download the programme here.


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