Turkish Army bombed South Kurdistan

Turkish army has bombed Khakurke and Haftanin region in Medya Defence Territories controlled by the Kurdish guerrillas.

People’s Defence Forces press office HPG-BIM reported that on 22 November between 13:00-14:00 o’clock Turkish army launched a mortar shell attack on Martyr Beritan, Martyr Kurtay and Karker hills in Khakurke region. HPG-BIM also reported that in the attack on 3 November a Kurdish guerrilla Khalit Suleyman code name Dilshad Kobani lost his life.

Meawhile, on 22 November between 07:30-21:00 o’clock the Turkish army also bombed Alanish, Siser and Partisan hills in Haftanin with mortar shells and holwizers.


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