Attack on police patrol in Hatay leaves 4 police dead

A police patrol in Dortyol district of Hatay province on the Syrian border was attacked last night at 6 pm.

While 4 police officers where killed when fire was opened on the patrol car, shortly after the security directorate building was also attacked with long barrelled weapons. No casualties were reported in this attack.

It is reported that the police has detained 3 persons regarding the attack however; the eyewitnesses stated that the detainees are the locals who failed to show their driving licenses on the check point at the entrance of the town.

While no one has claimed the responsibility for the attack a group of Turkish nationalists attacked the office of pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) in Dortyol and set fire on the building. Eyewitnesses stated that the anti-Kurd crowd also attacked some businesses run by the Kurds and smashed the glasses.

Chair of local BDP office in Dortyol Halil Baybaris said to ANF that while their office was attacked and set fire on shops and cafes run by the Kurds were also attacked with gas bombs. Baybaris also stated that although they called the police several times they could not get any response and they are afraid of their safety of life as the police seems unlikely to protect the Kurds against lynch attempts.

Chair of BDP provincial office of Hatay Mehmet İnsan said that he spoke to the head of provincial security directorate who wanted him not to go to Dortyol district as the police will not be able to protect him due to unrest in the town.

Insan further stated that he was told by some locals that a Kurd from Urfa was killed by the Turkish nationalist; however he could not get this information confirmed.


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