The VOICE Online: Karawane Festival Statement and Premier Videos – Preparing for 2010‏

The VOICE Online: Karawane Festival Statement and Premier Videos -Preparing for 2010

Open-Air Caravan Festival 2010From 4-6 June, 2010 in Jena, GermanyA Bastion of humanity and solidarity

“Unite Against Colonial Injustice in Memory of the Dead and Victimsof Fortress Europe”

Festival Statement and Call for Participation

Hurrah!!! The Caravan Festival is set!In less than two weeks, the long awaited Caravan Festival 2010 kicks offin Jena, Thuringen from the 4th till the 6th of June 2010. The Caravan-forthe Rights of Refugees and Migrants will be organising this Festival ofpolitical and cultural resistance against colonial injustice and in memoryof the mortal victims of the construct known as “Fortress Europe”. Throughart and dance, critical analysis and discussion, we hope to re-energiseand re-define the struggle against colonial injustice and bring into focusagain, one of its most cruel and deadly modern manifestations:deportation. It will be a Festival in memory of the lives lost to FortressEurope and a celebration of the lives of all those who continue to defyand survive the politics that is intentionally designed to divide, isolateand destroy us. We uphold the sanctity of our inviolable human dignity andphysical presence here and anywhere in the world as our ultimate value! Wereject and refuse to accept the reasons and mechanisms used to build thewall of ignorance and humiliation, racism and discrimination against ourpresence here or anywhere else. We are reclaiming what rightfully belongsto us and what we cannot be denied.

The Caravan Festival is about our physical presence and dignity, our lifeexperiences and those of the dead, our struggle and resistance, solidarityand humanity. It is a show of defiance, a bastion of solidarity. We aredefying the oppressive and repressive machinations that have been thehallmark of European and American intervention in our lives for ages.Together in this Festival, we are uniting against their will anddemonstrating our strength to resist the aims and methods of thisbarbarism. We are here because they destroy our countries. We are here andwe will fight.

Away with the fear and lets regain our Freedom

For centuries the powerful have used fear as their weapon of choice.Through fear, human beings are forced into submission and isolation fromone another. Through the power of fear we learn and teach that silence andbowing our heads, indifference to resistance and defending ourselves aretantamount to survival. Through fear, the visible wounds on the visiblehuman beings become invisible, hidden behind the false and maliciousnarrative of superiority and inferiority, civilised and savage, poor andrich, weak and strong and of course innocent and guilty. In order tomaintain this control over our minds and our bodies, the powerful developthe complex to fit in those narratives into past, present and future,which we are all required to adhere to. In their narrative we are taughtto be receptive to injustice and war, and to accept the creation of theUntermenschen that they have made of us. We are meant to adore thesupposed superiority of a violent and dominant culture. We are expected toco-operate and collaborate with them in the perpetuation of that falserepresentation of our inferiority and never to question their false andself-deluded notion of the superiority of Western and European identity.Any challenge to this narrative and hegemony is met with vitriolicrhetoric and ultimate brutal and violent actions sometimes resulting indeaths at the hands of state agents. But with this Festival, we areconfronting and defying them and we are conquering that fear. We aremaking a stand that we have no fear to say what we know for a fact andthat we mean what we say. We are calling on them to look beyond theirnose, to acknowledge their history and take a stand for humanity becauseit is a fact that since the brutal advent of colonialism, the Europeanidentity has been constructed on the wicked presumption of superiorityover all other cultures and people. In order to create the fundamentalbelief of the greatness of European ideals and values, the “Other” had tobe constructed into the polar opposite of that greatness. Thus, Africans,Asians and Latin Americans are still violently relegated into thatcategory of inferior and salvages. For centuries, forced and inhumanseparation, rape, abuse and enslavement of millions of people were thehandiwork and hallmark of European and American adventurers into theso-called third world countries. These were closely coordinated under theuncontrollable greed and wanton exploitation of our land and thedestruction of our cultures.:


Incredibly, in spite of the hundreds of millions of victims of slavery,colonialism, and imperialism, not to mention when the chicken came home toroost in the homebred National Socialism, most Europeans and theirdescendants throughout the world continue to believe in their superiorityof thoughts, ways of being and actions. Even with all these atrocities,they are consolidating the very system that produces intolerance,unbridled greed and hate, and intensifying the consequent ruthlessness ofthat brutality at home and abroad (: …).

Rise up against Deportation and the deadly Frontex machine of Europe

Once again, the age-old mechanism of fear is being viciously deployed tojustify the deadly and wholly inhuman project FRONTEX. Rather than dealwith their greed-induced and self-inflicted systemic and structuralproblems arising from war and imperialism, resulting in harsh migrationprocesses, human and environmental destruction, the narrative of fear isagain being woven around migrants. Not only do they want that migrants areafraid to come here they also want to make the populace here afraid ofmigrants-swarming them.

In order to mask their true intention and perpetuate colonial injustice,they are re-doubling their efforts to continue to portray migrants andpotential migrants as the lazy and naive that must be kept at bay byFRONTEX. They portray victims of their brutal system as those who needtheir very (European) military protection and border militarisation. Inthis manner, the “good people of Europe” dubiously narrate clear acts ofviolent exclusion and oppression as a humanitarian act with FRONTEX as anoble project.

There is hardly a more glaring and painful example than the Island ofGorée off the coast of Senegal. During the time of slavery and colonialrule, Gorée served the Europeans as one of the major “gateways to hell”,through which millions of Black Africans kidnapped, were deported fromtheir lands to build the economies of Europe and the Americas. This as weall know became the most barbaric and brutal forced migration in humanhistory. Today in continuation of their colonial injustice and barbarity,they have now extended their FRONTEX border regime beyond the immediateEuropean borders and a FRONTEX post is in Senegal.

There, FRONTEX controls all Ships leaving Africa towards Europe to makesure that no “illegal immigrant” leaves Africa. In effect, we areexperiencing an increased militarisation of the borders and Seas includingspheres of international waters. All in their attempt to prevent themigration of a needy, defenceless and deprived people they find difficultto control but determined to exploit.

Thousands of refugees and migrants die at the ever extending andincreasingly militarised European borders yearly and many more are forcedto drown, „thanks“ to FRONTEX. These lots cannot even reach the Europeanborders alive. Any attempt to render any help and rescue them results incriminal prosecution. If European dogs or cats are in danger, emergencyservice and ambulance assistance are immediately made available, but ifits human beings drowning and calling for help, the only help for them isto hasten and help them to drown through FRONTEX. In Spain, scenesreminiscent of the Franco years were replicated a few years ago whenSpanish soldiers suddenly joined their police compatriots in shooting andkilling innocent, unarmed and defenceless refugees and migrants in Ceutaand Melilla, all in the name of protecting Spain from being swarmed withthe ‘unwanted’. Europe with its valued freedom and equality, human rightand dignity fell silent and accepted it.

Further, border control and persecution against migration are alreadyextended to inland control of African States. African governments arebeing pressurised and blackmailed into signing dubious agreements to actas conduits for European deportation machine with FRONTEX as its monsteragency. Led by Italy and supported by the mentality of Fortress Europe,African countries are being coerced to accept their newly given status ofEuropean dumping grounds as exemplified by the scandalous and nauseatingagreements with Libya and other North and sub-Saharan African states.Human rights and human dignity, the supposedly “core European values” aretossed away in a flash when it comes to dealing with the “Other”. We arenot even venturing into the issue of dumping toxic waste materials inAfrican countries by Europeans-that’s another story entirely. Memorysounds a fresh note of warning on the brutal migration control politics ofFortress Europe and colonial injustice. The “Frontexation” of Europeanborder system is a deadly physical and ideological weapon of the FortressEurope where the militarisation of the seas and land borders is forcefullydeployed against migration. It is meant to strengthen the ignoble systemof divide and rule and the globalised apartheid of selection andexploitation ( The ‚Fortress Within‘: Restriction of Movement and Refugee Self-Organisation ).

There must be an end to this inhumanity and broad day barbarism, becausethere is another way. We refuse to accept their lies, their manipulationsand their uncontrollable gluttony that has only served to unleash humansuffering, environmental disaster and perpetual wars. With this Festival,we call on all well-meaning human beings to unite and oppose FRONTEX andthe system behind it and to once again revel in the spirit of humanity andsolidarity. We unite to defy and deny their aims; we show solidarity touplift the human spirit.

But then 
in spite of the abuse and oppression, the intimidation andhumiliation, we are partakers in our own fate. Instilled with fear, eachtry to deal with our own problems on our own, thinking that if we justbehave well and stay out of trouble then we will be left alone – allowedto live peacefully. But peace is not that cheap, not least, for us. Manypeople do not realise, – even those who suffer most directly from theproblems, the viciousness of the system. We are often led to think andfeel lonely and falsely harbouring the prospect of even fighting andwinning alone. We must do it together to defeat the monster.

Statistics vary below 1 and 3% of all refugees that are ever actuallygranted the status worthy of protection. And of those that have beengranted asylum, such as some refugees from Iraq and Syria, many have hadtheir status taken away and are sent back to countries deemed “safe” byEuropean bureaucrats. But when these same bureaucrats advise theircitizens planning vacations, they advise them not to go to these countriesor if they must, they should wear bullet proofs because it’s not a safeplace. Double standards, dubious morality, or pure liars? You judge. Thoseof us they failed to deport are forcefully consigned into the humiliatingand inhumane category of “illegal immigrants” – their favoured position tobest exploit to our bone marrows and deny us any human dignity and orrights. That much is on offer for the much-vaunted European values.

Karawane Festival On Social Exclusion – No Lager! No Residenzpflicht!

Call for Participation

We want to call on all well-meaning people to support our call to overcomethe fear to unite in dignity. We want to unite and rise up against socialexclusion of refugees and migrants in Europe and consolidate oursolidarity to uplift the human spirit. As we are all part of this problem,we also have to become part of the solution. If we can join together andovercome our fear, if we can stick together in dignity and solidarity andif we express our own narratives of resistance, then the so-called“powerful” will loose the very power with which they have managed tomanipulate and dominate us for more than 500 years. In Germany, we want toexpose the racist hypocrites who preach freedom and equality, human rightand human dignity that is “unantastbar” but continue with institutionaldiscrimination and treat us like criminals through “Residenzplicht”, so asto fan the flame of societal racism against us.

Let’s aspire to that “revolutionary vision” that can redefine our dignitynot by National laws or passport but by our physical presence and humanityas the ultimate universal value. Let‘s build that space of our own torelate to each other even with all the differences we may have. We hopethat you participate in this event and join thousands of others who wantto mourn and honour the dead victims of Fortress Europe, celebrate thepresence of those who are here and build a better world for all. Join usas single individuals or activists or as group(s). We’re looking forwardto seeing a lot of you.

Stop the deportations. Abolish Residenzpflicht now!Freedom of movement is everyone’s right!We restate and reaffirm that our freedom of movement is non-negotiable!No Lager! No Police Brutality
No Fortress Europe! Stop “Frontex” now!

The VOICE Refugee Forum

Join the Caravan Network

Please Donate to „KARWANE“ Festival in Memory of the dead and victims ofEuropean Border Guards in Europe

Video Online:

- The video is about self-organization. On the 10th of April, 2010 inBerlin, several activists from different networks met to discuss thestruggles for their dignitiy and right to live and to prepare theKARAWANE-Festival 2010 in Jena, Thüringen.Video:

- Interview Yufanyi Mbolo zu Jena Festival 2010 auf AFROTAK TV cyberNomadsDas Interview findest Du in zwei Teilen unter


Online Premier VIDEO: „Over come your fear for freedom“ – Preparing forKarawane Festival 2010The video is about self-organization. On the 10th of April, 2010 inBerlin, several activists from different networks met to discuss thestruggles for their dignitiy and right to live and to prepare theKARAWANE-Festival 2010 in Jena, Thüringen.Video:

AFROTAKTVcyberNomads – youtubeInterview Yufanyi Mbolo zu Jena Festival 2010 auf AFROTAK TV cyberNomadsDas Interview findest Du in zwei Teilen unter

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Part 2

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